Targeting and foundational development


Ritchie Paik is an outstanding leader with proven growth oriented strategies. He helped our organization create new sales strategies, assisted in developing marketing programs and helped us learn how to get to chief decision makers. I would recommend Ritchie strongly to help any organization looking to grow their company to the next level.

Steve Plymire

President, Cincinnati Precision Instruments



Targeting, and goal setting must be aligned. Once that is complete communication, documentation and management become critical events.

Ronin Growth Consulting leads in the development of your sales team members. Managing Pre-call, Post-call meetings, and when appropriate participating in the actual sales calls

Ronin Growth Consulting identifies strengths and weaknesses in your current growth culture. Looking at the Market, the Company, and the Products or Services

A documented growth strategy is critical to ensure alignment of the organization, along with a test to ensure the actions and tactics continually match the goals.

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